Focus Group Activities

This week the group made their weekly visit to the garden plot at Taraggan Educational Gardens, and although the weather was too hot to do much physical work, the group dug up some of their potatoes and took them home.  One of our volunteers, Morgan, sent us a picture of the meal he made that evening using the potatoes.  

During the afternoon the group welcomed Geraint, Tracey and Kelly from All Wales People First.  Geraint did his SATV (Self Advocacy TV) roadshow with the group, and we covered subjects such as: what we want that we haven’t got now, day centres, and COVID.  We then played Family Fortunes and Wheel of Fortune, answering general knowledge questions, which the group really enjoyed.  We also sang happy birthday and presented a birthday cake to Chris, Anthony and Morgan who share the same birthday.  Happy Birthday, boys!  

Reconnect Focus Group

This week our Focus Group members travelled to Caerphilly town where we met up with staff and members from Cardiff People First. We explored Caerphilly Castle inside and out, learned about its history, and heard some amazing stories. We then headed uptown to Wetherspoons for some lunch, and despite the weather being wet and miserable we had an amazing day. We hope to arrange another trip with Cardiff People First – and other People First groups – very soon.

Reconnect Focus Group

Yesterday the Reconnect Focus Group spent the morning at Taraggan Educational gardens, where we continued weeding and getting our plot looking nice and presentable. The gardens are so relaxing and it’s amazing being outdoors.

During the afternoon our Focus Group was joined by Rhian Cook, from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, who asked the group for feedback on easy-read hate crime leaflets her organisation has produced. We were also joined by Zoe Gibbs from Cyfannol Women’s Aid, who met the group in preparation for a future visit when she will talk about the work the work of Cyfannol.  It was lovely to meet them both and we’re looking forward to working with them further in the future.

Relationship Course

Thanks to everyone – including Joe Powell, Chief Executive of All Wales People First – who attended our recent relationship course, which was designed by Ffion and Lisa French from Insight.  The group talked about what makes a good relationship, what makes a bad relationship, and the warning signs of a bad relationship.  They also discussed how to make friends, and how to deal with falling out with friends.  The session finished with a ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ relationship quiz designed by Vale People 1st.  At the next session on 25th August we will be talking about identity and LGBTQ issues.  Everyone is welcome to join us then. 

‘Have Your Say’ Consultation

Thank you to everyone who attended our “Have your Say” consultation this week at Fleur De Lys Community Centre. What a great day we all had discussing our lives, and what we would like to see in our community. We had great conversations that brought tears and laughter. Caerphilly People First will now work towards looking for funding to deliver on your recommendations, needs and ideas.

Reconnect Focus Group

The group spent the morning volunteering at Taraggan Educational Gardens, where we did some weeding and tidied up a new plot, which is now ready grow some more vegetables and fruit. We then went back to the office and provided feedback on the work that Ffion, Natalie and Sarah are involved in with the University Of South Wales, called ‘Co-producing accessible outcomes for people with Learning Disabilities’. A massive shout out to our Tuesday group, who are all fantastic – it’s lovely to see them all become independent and confident. We’d also like to welcome Gethin, who spent his first day with the group this week, and will be joining us every Tuesday from now on.

Reconnect Focus Group

On Tuesday 28th June the Caerphilly People First Reconnect Focus Group had another craft session with Cheryl from the Parent Network. We made fairy jars, and some members made bracelets for themselves, friends or family. Thank you Cheryl for another fantastic session.

We’d also like to welcome Sam who has started volunteering with Caerphilly People First. Here are his thoughts on his first session – “I felt that it was really good, I learnt some new skills, for example participating in the allotment project along with the craft session. I feel that my confidence and social interaction are being developed, as I can come across as a shy and quiet person who can get very nervous when meeting new people for the first time. Thank you for your help and support, it’s very much appreciated. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next session.”

If you would like to get involved in the work on the allotments or our craft sessions please contact us on 07488 350518, 01443 834444 or 07940 474640.