Yesterday our members made Easter-themed masks in preparation for the Parent Network Community Forum’s Planet event. Thank you to Cheryl for facilitating today’s group and to Amy and Tina for assisting.

We don’t have a craft session next Tuesday afternoon, but we’ll be going for a lovely Spring walk instead! Our members will be meeting at 12.30 outside Bargoed YMCA if you would like to join us!

Tuesday Group Activities

Head Gardener Morgan Jones:

At TARAGGAN Educational Gardens & Nursery yesterday, me, Rees Powell and the twins Christopher & Anthony Davies planted sunflower seeds. We filled the pots with soil, added the seeds, and covered the seeds with more soil.

When we got back to the office, it was craft time. Cheryl Smith had brought in materials, so everyone could decorate/design their own Easter bunny. We also made chocolate rice crispy cakes.

Christmas Crafts and Party

Yesterday was our final crafts session of 2023, during which the group made Christmas decorations. Thank you to Cheryl and Zoe from the Parent Network Community Forum for sharing their crafting skills throughout the year – they have assisted the group in crafting some great personalised keepsake. Our sessions have brought individuals out of isolation and loneliness, created new friendships and improved mental health, and we’re looking forward to seeing what everyone crafts next year.

Following the craft session, we held our office Christmas party, when the group enjoyed some delicious food and cake, and were visited by Santa who handed out selection boxes to everyone.

Crafts Session

Tuesday afternoon marked the beginning of our Christmas Craft sessions, and Caerphilly People First members and volunteers made a start on making their own advent calendars. We used toilet roll holders and stapled them together to make a Christmas tree shape and covered them in tissue paper. At the next craft session we will continue decorating the trees and filling them with goodies ready for December.

Thanks to Cheryl Smith and Zoe Dummett from the Parent Network Community Forum for facilitating the group.

Halloween Crafts

At yesterday’s craft session our members and volunteers created wall art and had some spooky Halloween photos taken. Thanks to Cheryl from the Parent Network Community Forum for running the session. Crafts sessions usually occur every other Tuesday but we have an extra session next week, so if you would like to join us from 12:30pm onwards, please get in touch.