Music with RecRock

We had an amazing time at the final RecRock session at Libanus Lifestyle Chapel yesterday! Nat and Gethin’s efforts to dress up as Cheryl Cole and Bruce Springsteen added a lot of fun to the event. Nat’s performances were a highlight, and it was great that everyone got involved in singing their favourite songs.

Special shoutouts to Ffion and Dan for their rendition of “Don’t You Want Me,” Morgan for singing “When You Say Nothing at All,” and Richard and Demi for their dancing and singing skills. Well done also to everyone else who performed! The buffet with crusty baguettes and homemade sausage rolls was a perfect ending to the session.

The feedback from these sessions has been amazing. Individuals have grown in confidence, made friends, become less anxious, and now love socialising. We have loved listening to you perform every week and will miss you through the summer. Hopefully, we’ll be back just in time for autumn to brighten up the dark days.

Thank you, Dan, for your contributions and for making the event’s memorable for everyone! Also, thanks to the Libanus Lifestyle team for the delicious lunches. See you all soon!

Reconnect Through Music

Caerphilly People First members had a fantastic time at their most recent music session with Dan from RecRock. The room was filled with energy and enthusiasm as everyone gathered to participate. Dan’s engaging style and musical expertise brought out the best in each member, encouraging them to sing their hearts out. The session included a mix of popular songs from artists like Celine Dion, James Ingram, Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Queen, and many more, creating an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere. Thank you to the Libanus Lifestyle Chapel team for providing hot dogs for lunch; they were enjoyed by all. Next week, unfortunately, is our last session for the summer, but we will have a blast for our final get-together. Please come in fancy dress if you like, as we will have some party songs and party food.

Recrock at the Cwtsh Community Event

Yesterday we held our RecRock session at Oxford House in Risca, at the Cwtsh Community Wellbeing event. The garden was the perfect setting for our members to sing their favourite songs and have a dance. We also got to make fruit kebabs with Multiply Caerphilly, and have festival make-up and hair done. Next week, we will be back at Libanus Lifestyle Chapel on Wednesday from 10:30am until 12:30pm.

Reconnect Through Music

Our members had a great morning yesterday blasting out some old classics and floor bangers with RecRock. Thanks to Daniel Fitzgerald, Zac Winwood, and Lexy Gingell.

Singing in a group is good for social bonding, stress relief, physical health, enjoyment, and fun, which is something everyone has at these sessions. Thanks to Libanus for providing lunch. Remember, there’ll be no group next week due to us attending Adfest in Cardiff.

Reconnect Through Music

Caerphilly People First had a great time at our most recent Reconnect through Music session. Our members had fun singing their favourite songs, dancing, and socialising with friends. It was great to see some new faces with fabulous voices!

A big thanks to Daniel Fitzgerald and Zac Winwood from RecRock for running the session – it was fun as always. A special shout-out to Libanus Lifestyle – Wales CIC for providing lunch. Those burgers were delicious! See you again next week from 10:30am until 12:30pm.

Reconnect through Music

Yesterday, another great morning was had by all, singing and dancing at our weekly music session with Dan from RecRock. We even had our member, Paula, on the drums. We didn’t think Zak would get them back as she enjoyed playing them so much.

Sophie Morgan and Gethin Chamberlain belted out “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. Natalie King did a few classics, but our favourite was Cher’s “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)”. Richard’s version of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” was fantastic and had everyone singing along. We also had the lovely Paula doing her mic swap session with Dan, as she performed “Unchained Melody” (her favourite), and Jamie sang “A Friend Like Me” from Aladdin. My favourite was The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah.” Shaun nailed it.

Thank you, everyone; we had the most enjoyable morning as always. Next week, Jeremy and Shaun will be serving up burgers to end the session. See you all next Wednesday at 10:30am at Libanus Lifestyle – Wales CIC.

Reconnect through Music

Yesterday our members had a blast singing their favorite songs with Daniel Fitzgerald from RecRock. It was awesome to see some new faces join the group and participate in singing songs by the likes of ABBA, Dolly Parton, Bread, and Robbie Williams. These sessions are perfect for meeting new people, making friends, and having fun!

A big shoutout to Jeremy James and Shaun at Libanus Lifestyle Centre for providing us with the delicious hotdogs!

Reconnect through Music

We love our RecRock sessions! Our communication skills, social skills, knowledge, confidence, and friendships are all improving. It’s the perfect setting in the perfect place, Libanus Lifestyle – Wales CIC.

Yesterday, our members and volunteers met for a sing-along and a catch-up over a cuppa. We sang and shared our love of music while some belted out great songs by great musical artists. Thanks to the Libanus Lifestyle – Wales CIC Team for providing delicious hot dogs for lunch – they were enjoyed by all.

We are attending a peaceful protest at the Senedd next week, so there will be no Reconnect through Music. We will be leaving Bargoed YMCA around 11:30 on Wednesday, so feel free to join us at the ‘Homes not Hospitals’ protest in Cardiff Bay.

Reconnect through Music

Yesterday was our last music session with Daniel Fitzgerald from RecRock until Wednesday 20th April. Thanks to Zak and Erin for attending today – it was great to see you as always.

During the session members recorded more vocals for the song we have written, and took part in more filming for the video of the song.

As well as this, members performed a wide variety of songs from artists including Robbie Williams, the Righteous Brothers, Queen, George Michael, and Mumford & Sons. Well done to everyone who sang and danced; it was another fantastic session full of joy and happiness.

Reconnect through Music

Yesterday our members celebrated St David’s Day early at Libanus Lifestyle with Dan from RecRock, who joined us for week six of our Reconnect through Music project. Our members performed songs by Tom Jones, Duffy, Will Young and many other artists, and sounded as great as ever.

Thank you to Jeremy James for making us traditional Welsh Cakes, which tasted amazing.