Gardening at TARAGGAN

Caerphilly People First Volunteers have been working on weeding one of the plots and tidying up at TARAGGAN Educational Gardens. The gardens are looking beautiful, with lots of flowers and fruits making an appearance. We volunteer at TARAGGAN every Tuesday morning at 10:30am. If you want to join us, please feel free to pop along.

This a report by head gardener Morgan Jones on our most recent visit to the allotments:

Earlier this morning me, Christy Taylor, Gethin Chamberlain & Rees Powell went up to TARAGGAN allotments to do a shift on the garden. When we got there, I asked Kyle Richards “What is there for us all to do on the garden today?” He said “there’s weeding that needs to be done, so we’ll do that.” As I’ve done since I was appointed Head Gardener I told both boys what they had to do in order for us all to start gardening. I told Rees to get the trowels and kneeling pads out of shed 1, and between myself and Gethin we got 2 wheelbarrows out of shed 2 to put all the weeds in.