What We Believe

We believe we know best about what we want and we should be in control of what happens in our lives.

We believe we can do all sorts of things ourselves, given the right support.

We believe we have equal rights which should be protected, the same as anyone else.

We believe we should be encouraged to take responsibility for ourselves, to grow and face life’s challenges.

We believe we have the right to good education, jobs, healthcare, friendships and relationships and the support to live our lives the way we want to.

We believe we should be in charge of our lives and can help other people with learning disabilities to do the same.

We believe we should be supported to make our own choices and decisions.

We believe that if you are an adult you should be treated as an adult.

We believe we should not be locked in institutions. We are part of the community and should stay as part of the community.

We believe in working together with other voluntary groups, private organisations and the local authority to make things better for people with learning disabilities.