Join the Caerphilly Conversation

Over the last couple of years Caerphilly Council has been asking residents which council services are most important to them, and which areas they feel the council should prioritise. This week Caerphilly People First members joined the conversation when they gave their views on what is important to them. You can have your say by completing the online survey at:

Focus Group / Jubilee Celebrations

The Caerphilly People First Reconnect Focus Group enjoyed another busy Tuesday this week.  The day began with our regular visit to the Taraggan educational gardens where we planted potatoes and checked on the progress of our sprouts.

The afternoon was spent hosting the second part of our platinum Jubilee celebrations.  We had a great time taking part in a quiz about the Royal Family, playing bingo, and having conversation over tea, sandwiches and scones.  Thanks again to United Welsh for funding this activity.

Tackling Isolation and Loneliness Week 4

For the fourth of the six events we have set up to tackle isolation and loneliness, we headed to the Fleur De Lys Community Centre in Blackwood.  We were delighted to be joined by ten people, some of whom we were meeting for the first time.  Everyone seemed very positive as we talked about our experiences of Covid, and how we have all coped. Thankfully, individuals are now increasingly going out into the community and attending events.  After the discussions we had a great time playing music requested by individuals, and we also hosted a quiz that was all about Easter.  Congratulations to Sophie and John who won the quiz and got to share the Easter egg.

Fundraising for Ukraine

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended this week’s coffee morning held to raise money for Ukraine. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we have raised over £200 so far, and this will be donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian appeal. If anyone would like to donate directly to them, the link is:

Alternatively, there is still time to donate through Caerphilly People First, and if you’d like to do this you can contact Ffion Poole on 07488 350518.

Medical Students Training

At the beginning of March, Ffion Poole and Natalie King worked alongside Cardiff People First to train medical students on how to communicate with people with learning disabilities. The training involved going into a breakout room and holding a number of interviews with students, where the conversations included what Caerphilly People First does and people’s lives and hobbies. We really enjoyed this and hope we can be involved again in the future.

Winter Wellbeing Week 3

For week 3 of our Winter Wellbeing course, the Tuesday Focus Group discussed the benefits of Vitamin C and Vitamin D, and compared foods to see which foods contain the most sugar and fat, and which healthier foods you can replace the unhealthy ones with.  After this discussion, the group took part in a healthy eating quiz prepared by Carmarthenshire People First, following which the group made healthy carrot and coriander soup.