Gardening at TARAGGAN

Yesterday, our volunteers at TARAGGAN Educational Gardens & Nursery were awarded certificates for their outstanding contributions to the gardens by the lovely Caren from GAVO Caerphilly. Thanks to Kyle Richards for presenting the certificates to our volunteers: Christopher Davies, Anthony Davies, Morgan Jones, Gethin Chamberlain, and Rees Powell.

During the morning everyone continued to work hard, weeding the fruit plot and transferring pots to the greenhouse. Next week, we plan to continue removing bindweed from the plot and laying some bark. We are at the gardens every Tuesday morning from 10:30am until 12:00pm. Please feel free to come along!

Gardening and Walk

Yesterday our volunteers managed a visit to TARAGGAN Educational Gardens & Nursery, until the rain came down so heavily that it was too wet to work on the plots, so everyone worked together transferring pots from the polytunnel over to the greenhouse. We volunteer at the gardens every Tuesday from 10:30am until 12:00pm. If you would like to join us, please let us know.

As there was no crafts session yesterday, the group decided to go for a walk around Gilfach, as you can see in the second photo below.

Gardening Group

Head Gardener Morgan Jones:

Yesterday me, Christy, Gethin, Rees, and the twins Chris & Anthony went up to TARAGGAN allotments and started by taking all the plant pots up to the top of the allotments, so they could be planted into the soil later on. When it was about 11:00ish, me… Gethin, Rees & Kyle were in the middle of hoeing the patch we were working on and I asked Samantha what we were going to plant, and she said “onions, my lovely.” By the time all the onions had been planted into the ground, it was time for me and the others to clean any tools we were using and then we headed back down to the YMCA for us all to have our lunch.


Well done to our volunteers who worked on our plots at TARAGGAN Educational Gardens yesterday. It was a cold and windy one, but we were finally able to work on the plots with the helping hands of Kyle Richards, Samantha, Sian Price, and Dillon, who showed us how to hoe the land and plant onions.

CPF is at TARAGGAN Educational Gardens & Nursery every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. until 12 p.m. Please feel free to join us!

Gardening Group

Yesterday our volunteers planted chives at TARAGGAN Educational Gardens & Nursery. Chives are green herbs with long, green stems used to flavor a dish or as a garnish. Chives are in the lily family, but they’re related to onions as well. Like onions, they are bulbous perennials, but you’ll likely never see the bulbs unless you’re a gardener. Thanks to Kyle Richards, Samantha Sian Price, and Dillon for teaching us how to do this correctly. See you next week.

Gardening at TARAGGAN

Yesterday, Gethin, Rees, Christy, Chris, Anthony and I visited our allotments at TARAGGAN Educational Gardens, where we worked alongside Samantha Sian Price and Kyle Richards.

Kyle told us we’d be planting onions, so we used hoes to make the soil level enough to plant the onions. The other tool we used was a dibber, which we used to make deep holes, which we placed the onions in, face upwards.

With all the torrential downpours we’ve had over the last few weeks, it was lovely to see the sun shining brightly. Lets hope the weather will be just as nice next Tuesday so we can all get a suntan!

Gardening Project

Head Gardener, Morgan Jones:

When me, Gethin, Rees, Christy and the twins (Chris & Anthony) arrived at TARAGGAN allotments on Tuesday, Kyle Richards told us we’d be planting onions.

We went into the polytunnel, and I couldn’t believe how hot it was in there. There were lots of plant pots for us to fill, so we filled them to the top, but made sure there was also enough room to put an onion bulb in. Once we’d finished filling every pot up and placing the bulbs into the compost it was time to go back to the YMCA for some lunch.

Following this, as the sun was shining brightly, we went for a walk through the Bargoed Woodlands and back to the office. When everyone got back to the YMCA, we were all absolutely exhausted. I had nothing to moan about because I love walking, and getting out in the fresh air is so lovely.


Head Gardener Morgan Jones:

The first thing me, Gethin, Chris, Anthony, and Christy did at our TARAGGAN allotments this week was to get cracking with filling all the plastic trays with soil. As Head Gardener it was my job to keep checking that everyone was doing their bit. Thank you to Kyle for another educational session; we can’t wait to see everything grow in the following months.

Tuesday Group Activities

Head Gardener Morgan Jones:

At TARAGGAN Educational Gardens & Nursery yesterday, me, Rees Powell and the twins Christopher & Anthony Davies planted sunflower seeds. We filled the pots with soil, added the seeds, and covered the seeds with more soil.

When we got back to the office, it was craft time. Cheryl Smith had brought in materials, so everyone could decorate/design their own Easter bunny. We also made chocolate rice crispy cakes.