Yesterday our volunteers were at TARAGGAN Educational Gardens & Nursery. Gardening involves physical activities like digging, planting and weeding, which can improve strength and overall fitness. Being outdoors and working in the garden can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

This is a report written by our Head Gardener, Morgan Jones:

When me, Christy, Gethin, Rees, and the twins Chris & Anthony went to TARAGGAN allotments yesterday I could see there was a huge pile of tree bark just inside the gates, which needed scooping up. So all of us, including Kyle Richards & Samantha Sian Price, scooped up the bark and took wheelbarrows full of it to the top end of the allotment. Yet another productive session doing what I love best. Helping out up the gardens, being a Head Gardener.