Online Health Check Workshop

Caerphilly People First members recently connected to Conwy Connect’s Health Check Workshop.  We learned what a health check is and how important it is that people have one every year. You can book your annual health check by calling your GP.  The health champions who ran the workshop did a fantastic job and the event was very informative and fun.

Doctor Appointments

We have been working with members to access GP appointments.  As doctors in most surgeries are still not offering face-to-face appointments, they are recommending that people fill out an online form which asks about your symptoms, and also asks people to upload pictures if the issue is a rash etc.  One of our members, Tracey, who went through the process, found some of the questions complicated and hard to understand, but was thankful that the follow up from the GP was quick.

Public Health Event

On Thursday 15th August 2019, Ffion Poole, Kath Toms, Sharon Cochrane and Christy Taylor attended a public health event, run by the NHS Aneurin Bevan Health Board, held in the Congress Theatre, Cwmbran.  At the event we talked about future plans in terms of Health, Housing, Community, and Wellbeing.  It was a very successful and interesting day, and at the end of the event we received a goody bag to thanks us for our hard work.  We are looking forward to the next public health event.