Yesterday, Sam, Rees, Gethin, Chris, Anthony and myself (Morgan Jones) worked on our allotments at TARAGGAN. As head gardener, I give people tasks to do and tell our volunteers what we need. I started by telling the boys what tools we needed, and once these were collected we started digging the ground to remove as many weeds as possible.

After that I noticed that a few of the vegetables we’ve been growing were ready to be picked, so we picked carrots, curly kale, runner beans, and beetroot, which we took back to the office to be shared among the group. I asked Christy how much veg I was allowed to take home, and her response was ‘take as much veg as you would like’.

When we had finished, I asked the group if they could clean the tools and put them away neatly, so that John, who helps us with our plots, won’t need to tidy up after us. Thank you also to Kyle Richards for all your help.

If you would like to volunteer with us at TARAGGAN Educational Gardens & Nursery we are there every Tuesday morning from 10.30am. Please contact Morgan Jones on: