Cookery Course Week 2

What a fantastic turnout we had for our second cookery session – funded by the Comic Relief Community Fund in Wales – which was attended by 24 people! As suggested by Louise last week, we cooked chicken fajitas, which tasted amazing. Massive thanks to everyone who volunteered, and we’ll see you all next week when we’ll be making pizza, as suggested by Amelia.

Here are some of the comments we received from those attending:

Jordan – I enjoyed chopping up the peppers and eating all the biscuits. I had lots of fun.

Louise – It was really positive, and good to feel part of the community.

Amelia – I enjoyed meeting new people and learning to cook. The staff are lovely and helpful.

Adrian – I enjoyed speaking to people and learning new skills.

Audrey – I enjoyed helping to cut the food and having cups of tea. It’s an amazing group.

Mark – I liked getting out and meeting people, and trying something new to eat – I really enjoyed the food.