Yesterday our volunteers tidied up the plots at TARRAGAN Educational Gardens and Nursery and also picked some green beans and courgettes.

We’d like to send massive congratulations to the group on being shortlisted at the GAVO Annual Volunteering Awards! Well done guys!

This is a report written by our head gardener Morgan Jones:

My employment with Caerphilly People First has started. I’m now the head gardener at TARAGGAN Educational Gardens. At the allotments yesterday, my job was to give orders to Rees Powell and Gethin Chamberlain. The main thing we all had to do was to dig out the weeds which had been growing and growing, because of the rain we’d been having over the last few weeks. Once we had finished our work, I asked Rees & Gethin to clean all the tools and put them away neatly and tidily.

I’m very grateful and satisfied because before now, I hadn’t been paid at any of my jobs, because all of them had been voluntary. I’d like to thank Caerphilly People First for awarding me the TARAGGAN allotments job, because since I started working there, I’ve loved every second.