This week the group enjoyed another mindfulness session with Andrew at Libanus Lifestyle Centre in Blackwood. The group talked about stress and took part in the Body Scan.

The Body Scan is a mindfulness meditation which involves scanning your body for pain, tension, or anything out of the ordinary. Some of our members were so relaxed we could actually hear snoring (Gethin Chamberlain)!

How do you a full body scan?

1. Get into position. Find a quiet place

2. Breathe deeply. Take a few deep breaths.

3. Take notice. Be aware of all the physical contact your body is making.

4. Start the scan.

5. Breathe through it.

6. Scan your whole body.

We ended the session by reciting the following mantra: I am calm. I am present in the moment. I am at peace. I am conquering my fears.

The music was beautiful and everyone felt so relaxed afterwards.  We look forward to continuing our mindfulness journey every week.