Reconnect through Cookery

Forty-six people attended our Reconnect through Cookery session on Friday, when the group made carbonara. Members prepared mushrooms and peppers to add to the carbonara, and chopped tomatoes and courgettes which we oven roasted in olive oil.

Rees and Connor did a great job on the hob frying up the smoked bacon, ham, and mushrooms, which we added to the carbonara sauce, and they cooked the tagliatelle perfectly.

Lunch was served with fresh spinach, roasted vegetables, and garlic bread, followed by birthday cake. This was in celebration of the birthdays of our members, Amy and Paula. The group had great fun celebrating and dancing along to the music provided by Darren, who surprised the group with a disco.

Next week the lovely Cheryl Smith and Zoe Dummett will be on hand, assisting you all to make chicken stir-fry.