Art and Wellbeing

Yesterday we held the 5th and final session of our art and wellbeing project with Liz from Islwyn Art Project CIC. The canvasses look fantastic, and we’d like to thank Liz, who’s been amazing to work with.

This is feedback we received from one of our members and volunteers, Morgan, who attended the art and wellbeing project.

When Elizabeth first came to Caerphilly People First five weeks ago, everyone was looking forward to see what she had lined up for us. As the weeks went on we found that the arts sessions were really enjoyable. Today was the last session with Elizabeth, but at some point she’s going to be coming back to do more creative things with us. After these sessions I have more confidence to draw and be artistic.

Focus Group Art Session

Yesterday we enjoyed our third session with Elizabeth from the Islwyn Arts Art and Wellbeing project. The group drew and coloured animals and insects – including butterflies, hedgehogs, wasps and bees – for our nature canvas. We also painted the two canvas backgrounds which we will transfer the animals and insects onto at a later session. #communityempowerment