MIRROR Award Winner Ffion Poole

Congratulations to member and Executive Assistant Ffion Poole for winning the MIRROR Rights Award at last week’s All Wales People First AdFest conference, for running her relationship courses for adults with learning disabilities. During the past year Ffion has delivered her training to over 50 people, covering topics such as:

What makes a good friend and a bad friend. How to make friends and avoid arguments.
What makes a good boyfriend/girlfriend, and how you might begin a relationship.
Understanding your body.
‘My body, my choice’.
Sex education.
The rights you should have in a relationship.

Some of the feedback she has received as a result of these sessions include:

‘I’ve learned how to go about making friends, and now I know the signs of a bad friendship’.
‘I know about safe sex now, and I also understand my body more’.
‘I have learned what makes a good friend and I will try to be a better friend in the future’.

Ffion has done an amazing job informing people of their rights, and her work has been really important and helpful to people with learning disabilities.