Cookery Session

Toad in the hole was Paula’s choice in cookery last week, the perfect meal for a cold rainy day. Toad in the hole is traditionally served with onion gravy, but we avoided the onions in ours, as Paula’s not a fan.

Volunteers and members spent the morning preparing green beans, carrots, broccoli, and potatoes for the creamy mash. During the day some members showed us photos of the meals they have recreated at home, and they looked delicious. It’s great to see that people are more confident in the kitchen at home, and are cooking more often since coming to cookery class. What a brilliant achievement, well done to you all.

We ended the afternoon with a quiz, cake, and lots of giggles as always. It’s great to see everyone smiling and having fun with their friends whilst learning new skills. Thanks again to all our volunteers, and we’ll see you next week when Amy has chosen to make cottage pie with vegetables.